These are Lories..Both are male.  Have not been handles...With a little work they may come around but for now they are just beautiful to look at and watch.  They require a special diet and would be ideal in a outside aviary.     


Male and Female Moluccan Cockatoos.  Obi and Princess Desi.  Can be very loud.  Would like to adopt out together but would be willing to adopt out separately.  They have not been out of their cage much in their previous home but when out at the sanctuary they have been pretty good.  Beautiful birds and very large for being raised in captivity.  Would suggest they have their own room and can be perched.  Someone who is experienced with Cockatoos would be best.

My name is Sammy

I am Lessor Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

I am a typical cockatoo..I am an escape artist..I have a preference for women but That could change

I would love to have a forever home so call Kathie at Bird Haven and make an appointment to come see me 

 My name is Tommy

I to am a Lessor Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

I prefer men and do not like kids

Call Kathie and make an appointment to come see me

Our names are Bonnie and Clyde

We are both girls

Mulluccan Cockatoos..Very Sweet..Need to be adopted together

We are on the right 

My name is Lido

I am a Bare Eyed Cockatoo

I am a little unpredictable..Prefer women..No kids 

My name is Zack

I am a Molluccan Cockatoo

I prefer men..I am a lot of bird..Can be sweet but also unpredictable

I need a home with a family that has experience with Molluccan's


My name is B.J.

I am a Mollucan Cockatoo

Once I am out of my cage I do pretty good but I am still very skiddish

I will require and soft gentle touch and voice and someone with a lot of patience


If interested in adopting any of the above pictured birds please go to the Contact Us page and send me an E-mail.  I can then answer any of your questions.  These guys really need forever homes and one on one attention.   Adoption fees and home check required.