Gerdy, Blue and Gold Macaw, 19 years old.  Previous owner died and was given to a family member who took great care of her but were scared of her so they surrendered her to us out of love.  As you can see she is a plucker but she is growing back her chest feathers.  She talks up and blue streak and can be very vocal.  She is stubborn about getting off her perch but once off she is a sweetheart.  I do not have her caged as she never leaves her perch.  Adoptive parents will need to have a understanding of macaws and lots of patience.


Nanny, She is about 15 years old, female, Umbrella Cockatoo. She is badly plucked but feathers are slowly coming back.  She is friendly but is a little skiddish. Would not recommend she be around children or continuous loud noises.  She can be loud but regular attention and her own room will solve that.  She loves to sing, says pretty pretty girl, what you doing and a few other things.  She needs someone who is familiar with cockatoos and has patience.

Male and Female Moluccan Cockatoos.  Obi and Princess Desi.  Can be very loud.  Would like to adopt out together but would be willing to adopt out separately.  They have not been out of their cage much in their previous home but when out at the sanctuary they have been pretty good.  Beautiful birds and very large for being raised in captivity.  Would suggest they have their own room and can be perched.  Someone who is experienced with Cockatoos would be best.

If interested in adopting any of the above pictured birds please go to the Contact Us page and send me an E-mail.  I can then answer any of your questions.  These guys really need forever homes and one on one attention.